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What Should We Prepare And Pay Attention To Before Swimming?

Jun 20, 2018

What Should We Prepare And Pay Attention To Before Swimming?

With the advent of summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher. Many people will choose to swim for relaxation after work. Not only can swimming can be an exercise sport, but also it can reduce body temperature in the high air temperature to prevent the emergence of hot cold, heat stroke and other diseases. So what preparations should we make before swimming?

First, food preparation is necessary: Before swimming, you must firstly increase your calories, so that you can adapt to the stimulation of the body caused by the low water temperature in the swimming pool during swimming.

Before swimming, you can eat some foods with high levels of protein like eggs and meat, etc., or you can eat sweets properly. Secondly, some foods with high sodium, calcium and phosphorus content should be added. In addition, swimming time should not be too long so as to avoid fatigue or hunger during swimming.

Then, exercise preparations should be sufficient:

Before swimming, use cold water to cool off, or tap the limbs and the entire body with cold water, and massage the legs and areas where cramps are easy to hurt. If you can usually adapt to a cold water bath, you can improve the body's ability to adapt to cold water stimulation, which will effectively avoid the phenomenon of leg cramps in the swimming pool when swimming.

What happens if cramps occur in swimming pool?

If calf cramps occur during swimming, be sure to maintain a calm and clear mind, do not panic, because the more panic will easily appear more drowning phenomenon, and the cramps in the leg symptoms will be more serious.

When leg cramps occurs in swimming pool, first take a deep breath, dip the head into the water, try to get the back out of the water, grasp the toes with both hands and forcefully pull in the direction of their own, while the legs to force squat. After several repetitions, the muscles will slowly relax and return to their original shape. After going ashore, you must quickly dry your body's water droplets to allow your body to warm up quickly. If the leg still feels painful, you can massage it properly until it is fully relieved.

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