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2016 August A New Swimming Pool with Pipeless Filter was built in GuangZhou

Aug 09, 2016

Degaulle Pipeless Filter new project

In 2016, August, A new swimming pool was finished in Guangdong, China.  The project take just one month to finish.Pipeless filter make it be much more fast to istall and finish the swimming pool.

This new swimming pool complete 2 pools, the small one is round and with one set of DF10 pipeless fitlers. The other one is inregular, which use 5 sets of FX25 pipeless filters. 

The pipeless filter is a wall hung filter machie, which is with pump, fillter bag, light, transformer, ladder, controller.It is very popular to use pipeless filter in stead of traditional sand filter.

It just take 7days to install and use all the swimming pool pipeless filter machine. 

Degaulle, was originated in Lyon, France, entering China in May 1998. Mainly engaged in GYM swimming pool water treatment equipment, Degaulle creat pipeless wall-hung filter machine, which with chlorine salt machine, water pump,filter bag, LED underwater lights, transformers and control box in all one set, therefore make it easy to build, use,and maintain swimming pool, such create a new era of National swimming fitness.

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