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Guangzhou Longye Sports Center Swimming Pool Project

Jun 13, 2018

Guangzhou Longye Sports Center Swimming Pool Project

Guangzhou Longye Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. deals in outdoor tourism and sports. Outdoor tourism includes field work, team development, orienteering, picnics, barbecues, camping, rivers, adventures, etc.; sports include football venue rental, sports event planning, and fun Sports planning, sports event competitions. Longye Sports Center Swimming Pool is a project of Longye Company's outdoor development.

The first saltwater health swimming pool in Guangzhou, the swimming pool of Guangzhou Longye Sports Center, is located at Longyi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. This swimming pool project is designed and installed by Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd. The swimming pool volume is 1000m3 and the flow rate is 35m3/h. The cycle time is 4 hour and filtered six times per day.

The pool project is equipped with 8 units of France Degaulle S350 automatic water purification integrated pool filter without machine, which integrates filtration, disinfection and lighting. It does not need to be manually disinfected, but by electrolyzing the salt with chlorine dioxide to produce sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine ion is produced after the water to thoroughly sterilize the pool water. It is the safest and most environmentally-friendly disinfection method for swimming pools.

This swimming pool heating system uses Degaulle air source swimming pool heat pump. Degaulle air source swimming pool heat pump adopts the safest way to heat pool water---the water is completely separated from electricity. The power is only used as an auxiliary drive and does not directly heat the pool water. There is no danger of electric shock in the swimming pool, which greatly improves the safety of swimmers and staff.

This swimming pool project was successfully completed. Thank our customers for their trust. Do you have any trouble in the construction or installation of the swimming pool? Degaulle Swimming Pool Equipment provides you with most professional swimming pool solutions.

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